• Cavani 11
  • Harry Brown 2
  • Marc Darcy 5
  • Paul Andrew 7
  • TruClothing 17
  • Slim Fit 3
  • Tailored Fit 1
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim & regular fit) 20
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim and regular fit) 8
  • Long 1
  • Regular 38
  • Short 1
  • 34UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 28W Trousers 33
  • 36UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 30W Trousers 42
  • 38UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 32W Trousers 42
  • 40UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 34W Trousers 42
  • 42UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 36W Trousers 42
  • 44UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 38W Trousers 42
  • 46UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 40W Trousers 42
  • 48UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 42W Trousers 42
  • 50UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 44W Trousers 42
  • 52UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 46W Trousers 42
  • Black 2
  • Blue 4
  • Brown 3
  • Charcoal 2
  • Cream 2
  • Dark Grey 1
  • Green 1
  • Grey 6
  • Navy 12
  • navy blue 1
  • Oak 1
  • Olive 1
  • Plum 1
  • Rust 1
  • Tan 1
  • Wine 1

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Peaky Blinders Suits

While terms like “three-piece suit” may seem self-explanatory, there’s more to them than meets the eye. The more you understand, the smoother your shopping experience will be.

When it comes to Peaky Blinders suits, the fashion is inspired by what a notorious gangster family wore. However, the images of characters, masterfully portrayed by Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson, might not always align with what you see in online stores.

Let’s investigate whether customers in the UK have realistic expectations in this regard. Shall we proceed?

What Are Peaky Blinders Suits?

Tweed suits are frequently associated with the iconic Peaky Blinders look. The quality of the fabric rendered the tweed jacket and other components of the suit weather- and dirt-resistant, making it a practical choice for many men. It was indeed a wise investment, establishing itself as a fashion staple throughout the 1920s in the UK.

How to Dress Like Tommy Shelby

In an ideal scenario, your primary objective is to explore this aesthetic and determine if it suits your daily wear or special occasions.

Take a moment to peruse the Happy Gentleman catalog or watch the following video for more details:

This comprehensive guide will steer you away from the confusing and misleading information found on the internet.

To replicate the iconic Tommy Shelby look, opt for a deeper shade of tweed for your three-piece suit. You can play with colors and shades to infuse a modern touch while retaining the vintage charm. For instance, consider navy outfits for a contemporary twist or go for a lighter shade of grey tweed.

Here are the essential elements for such a suit:

  • A tweed cap
  • A pocket watch
  • A tweed 3-piece suit
  • A shirt and trouser braces

With Happy Gentleman, you can bring this iconic style to life and make it your own!