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Peaky Blinders waistcoats

Men’s waistcoats are a part of a classic style. It is sleeveless upper-body clothing, which is extremely popular among the men, who want to be in fashion. Thinking about waistcoats, we turn back to the era of the legendary Peaky Blinders, whose garment was very stylish and sexy. This type of clothes is usually worn over a shirt and necktie and below a coat. It is considered to be a part of most men’s formal outfit.

Men's vintage navy blue Peaky Blinders waistcoat with a pocket watch from Happy Gentleman

Men’s vintage navy blue Peaky Blinders waistcoat with a pocket watch

Fashion keeps changing, that’s why today Peaky Blinders waistcoats are not only a part of a formal style. The application of various fabrics, accessories, colors, and prints allowed creating various types of Peaky Blinders waistcoats, which are appropriate for different occasions.

The features of Peaky Blinders waistcoats

The Peaky Blinders style keeps gaining popularity year by year. It is greatly inspired by the popular TV series Peaky Blinders created in the UK. Thomas Shelby and his guys became idols for thousands of men worldwide. Peaky Blinders waistcoats are an integral part of a corresponding style. For gangsters, their suits were not just an attribute of style but also a means of protection from poor weather conditions. Waistcoats are a part of a three-piece suit, which consists of:

  • Trousers
  • Jacket
  • Waistcoat

Modern suits are not that thick and stiff as in the past. They are much lighter and pleasant to touch. But the style of the legendary gangsters is still preserved.

Speaking about Peaky Blinders waistcoats, we can mention the following features:

  • vintage style
  • single-breasted design
  • woolen fabric
  • special print (for the main character Tommy, a pinstripe print is typical)
  • waistcoat chains as accessories.
Men's vintage cream Peaky Blinders waistcoat with pocket watch from Happy Gentleman

Men’s vintage cream Peaky Blinders waistcoat with a pocket watch

Prints might be various if you are not aimed at particularly Tommy’s style. Thus, tweed waistcoats and Prince of Wales patterns waistcoats are acceptable for the creation of Peaky Blinders style.

How to wear Peaky Blinders waistcoats?

To look just like the heroes of the favorite series, it is not enough to buy a corresponding waistcoat. The general style is also of importance. First of all, Peaky Blinders waistcoats are usually combined with penny collar shirts. The collars are originally detachable, which allows creating the most authentic look. This variation is the most adorable style of Tommy. Selecting a shirt for your Peaky Blinders waistcoat, make sure it fits perfectly.

As for the colors of a shirt, it might be different. Your choice depends on the print of your waistcoat. Thus, it might be snow-white or striped. The latest will help you make you look more retro-like. It is the best way to create the style of a real gentleman of those times. The color of stripes can also be various. You can choose a combination of blue and white stripes, which will make you look classy and stylish.

Another essential detail of every Peaky Blinders waistcoat is a waistcoat chain. It is a special accessory, which is not just a nice detail of the general look but also a functional element. It can be comfortably used to wear a pocket watch, which you can attach to the end of the chain. The watch can be placed in a special pocket called a fob. The latest passes through the buttonholes in the middle of a waistcoat and terminates in a pocket on the other side, which is anchored by another object such as a cigar cutter.

Today young guys like experiments and try wearing waistcoats without jackets or even with a T-shirt. It might look alright when you preserve the classical style and just put off the jacket. It even looks sexy in certain cases. However, Peaky Blinders waistcoats combined with T-shirts do not match at all just because casual style is too plain for Peaky Blinders style. There are options on how to wear waistcoats without a three-piece suit but you will hardly create a true Peaky Blinders style in this case.

You are free to wear your waistcoat with or without a tie depending on the formality of your style and personal preferences.

Modern fashion keeps creating outstanding variations of waistcoats, which resemble the Peaky Blinders style. Let’s look at the most popular hints, which can suit various occasions:

  • Blue and Blue Check: such variations look perfect when combined with white or checked shirts. They can be single or double-breasted depending on the occasion you are looking your attire for. There are more formal and exclusive models supplemented with beautiful accessories and simpler variation for everyday life.
  • Brown and Brown Check: such waistcoats look more casual and are ideal for everyday life. You can combine them with white or ivory shirts and feel free to wear them without a tie. It is possible to create a wonderful look if you add an authentic cap to your look.
  • Charcoal: such variations will allow creating a strict and quite formal look. It is perfect for college, business meetings, or other formal occasions. However, selecting a waistcoat for festive events such as weddings, it is better to prefer another color.
  • Cream: such waistcoats look very noble and are suitable for festive events. Combining them with white ivory shirts, you can create nice attire for a wedding, which might be appropriate even for a groom. Cream waistcoats look aristocratic and are good for formal ceremonies.
  • Dark Grey: it is quite strict and formal color, which is good for business people. It is a wonderful choice for work if you are a white collar. A good pair for such a waistcoat is a snow-white shirt, which creates a perfect ensemble together.
  • Grey and Grey Check: those variations of waistcoats are universal. They might be a good choice for work, formal meetings, and celebrations. Both check and plain gray versions match well with classical white shirts. You can choose one if you are invited to the wedding ceremony as a guest or the best man.
  • Navy: it is a very popular hue among the representatives of the younger generation. It allows creating a fresher style of a peaky blinder, which looks very up-to-date at the same time. Navy waistcoats are equally appropriate for celebrations and office, so buy one to diversify your wardrobe.
  • Tan: if you want to look modern and stylish wearing a Peaky Blinders waistcoat, pay attention to this color. Various hues of it are suitable for various events and formal occasions. All you need is to select the right color of a shirt to match. Tan Peaky Blinders waistcoats are ideal in a combination with white, light grey, and ivory shirts. If your waistcoat is not checkered, you can buy checkered shirts for your three-piece suit.

Materials for Peaky Blinders waistcoats

There are waistcoats made of various fabrics. Some of them are thicker and rougher. There are also perfect thin materials for warm seasons of the year. Waistcoats for 3-piece suits might be made of:

  • linen
  • tweed
  • pure polyester or with additions of it
  • corduroy
  • denim
  • wool
  • cotton

The majority of Peaky Blinders waistcoats are created of polyester and wool.

How to select a Peaky Blinders waistcoat?

When selecting a waistcoat, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Type of event (think about the places you are going to wear your suit or an event you are planning to attend and your role on it)
  2. Perfect color for you (your preferences and colors, which suit you best)
  3. Right size (make sure your peaky blinder waistcoat fits perfectly; it shouldn’t be smaller or larger to look ideal)
  4. Appropriate material (depends on the season, occasion, and personal preferences).

Peaky Blinders waistcoats
The features of Peaky Blinders waistcoats
How to wear Peaky Blinders waistcoats?
Popular colors of Peaky Blinders waistcoats
Materials for Peaky Blinders waistcoats
How to select a Peaky Blinders waistcoat?

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