• Happy Gentleman 2
  • Harry Brown 1
  • House Of Cavani 12
  • TruClothing 9
  • 6
  • Modern Fit (Inbetween Slim & Regular) 4
  • Slim Fit 5
  • Tailored Fit 2
  • 3/4 Long 9
  • 2XL 11
  • Small 11
  • UK 36 8
  • UK 38 8
  • UK 40 8
  • UK 42 8
  • UK 44 8
  • UK 46 8
  • UK 48 8
  • UK 50 8
  • UK 52 8
  • X-Small 10
  • Large 11
  • Medium 11
  • X-Large 11
  • 34 5
  • 36 9
  • 38 9
  • 40 9
  • 42 9
  • 44 9
  • 46 9
  • 48 9
  • 50 4
  • S 2
  • M 2
  • L 2
  • XL 2
  • XXL 2
  • 3XL 13
  • 4XL 13
  • 5XL 13
  • Black 6
  • Blue 6
  • Camel 1
  • Charcoal 3
  • Dark Grey 1
  • Grey 4
  • Navy 6
  • Oak 1
  • Olive Green 1
  • Stone 1

Modern overcoats for men

Every modern man wants to be stylish and look trendy. One of the fashionable directions is classic. Strict and trendy, it helps create a unique image of a real man with a wonderful taste. Such a look is impossible without a nice overcoat for men. Modern designers keep experimenting with various styles, so today every guy is able to find attire, which will suit the best to his preferences.

Cavani Shelby Check Tweed Overcoat for Men - Happy Gentleman

Cavani Shelby Check Tweed Overcoat for Men

Why do you need an overcoat for men?

Everyone has the first impression of you when they see you for the first time. Your attire is a very important part of your image. It gives a concept of your status, seriousness, and taste in general. Good clothes denote your social position and even a job.

If you’re a businessman, a coat will make a necessary statement. Thus, meeting a business partner, you’ll have better chances to sign an important contract. Dating a girlfriend, you’ll create an image of a solid man, who knows what he wants and understands how to be stylish.

Another reason to choose an overcoat for men as outerwear is its universality. It suits various styles and adds something special to your look. Besides, there exist different variations of overcoats for men, which allow guys with various builds to find their perfect attire.

General sorts of overcoats for men

There are different variations of coats, which men could select:

  • Overcoat for men (it’s outer clothing with long sleeves, which you can wear over something else)
  • Topcoat (it’s a lighter variation of an overcoat for men, which is suitable for warmer seasons)
  • Greatcoat (it’s a heavy and quite bulky overcoat for men, which has military roots).

Overcoats for men can be created of various materials. Some of them are lighter while others are heavier. Besides, there are models, which are suitable for different seasons. The length of an item might also be various and depends on your taste, style, and build.

Peculiarities of overcoats for men

Male clothing’s a separate direction of fashion, which has its own history. Due to this fact, today we can enumerate several types of coats, which are considered timeless:

  • Such a model was created especially for hunting and other outdoor activities. It’s made mostly of sturdy cloth. The coats are created for protection from dirt, rain, and other weather conditions. They’re heavy but very durable. Modern materials allowed the designers to make this variation a bit lighter and more comfortable. A traditional hint for such overcoats for men’s brownish-green.
  • It’s a classic American model, which appeared thanks to a Polo game, which became very popular at the end of the 1920s. Originally supplemented with a belt, it now has 6-8 buttons and created mostly tan-colored hair of a camel. The items possess patch pockets and a half – or full belts. The lapels are usually peaked.
  • It appeared in the times of WWI. The model is considered a timeless classic. Later, it evolved in a raincoat. This model is light and protective (especially from the rain).
  • Created in the 19th century, this model is still popular among men. The item’s single-breasted and short (usually knee-length or less). It is featured by a notched lapel, the absence of cuffs, and is supplemented with a flap or jetted pockets. The most frequent colors are charcoal, grey, and other dark hues.
  • It is originally quite short and fitted overcoat for men. The model is characterized by the wider top buttons (which are made for decoration), peaked lapels, and a flat back. Such items might be single-/double-breasted being supplemented with pockets (or without them). The majority of models are created in dark colors and of plain material.
  • It’s a tweed coat originated from Ireland. The item is made of Donegal tweed. It’s double-breasted, quite long, and loose. The number of buttons may total 6-8. The item is characterized by the patch pockets, cuffs, and contrast stitching. Such variations are quite warm and able to give protection from the cold wind. Those overcoats are accompanied by a half-belt.
  • Such a model was used by the Officers of England in the past. A traditional color for such a coat’s navy blue. The model is featured by a half-belt in the back and 2-3 buttons. Due to the peculiarities of this variation, it’s possible to create a unique style, which will be versatile in addition.
Tweed Check Crombie Overcoat for Men - Happy Gentleman

Tweed Check Crombie Overcoat for Men

Recommendations for the selection of perfect overcoats for men

Being outer clothing, a coat should also be warm enough. Besides, it should fit well and create a perfect look. Look at several criteria for the right choice:

  1. Material plays a crucial role in your choice because any stylish coat should be created of high quality and reliable materials. Moreover, it influences the duration of an item. It’s recommended to choose 100% wool. Such material is very durable and able to keep you warm despite any weather conditions. Pay attention to the wool’s quality. The real one will weigh at least four pounds. The heavier your item is, the more durable it will be. Another popular choice is cashmere, it looks great but there’re certain peculiarities. Thus, such fabric’s sensitive on collars and cuffs showing wear. One more drawback of such material is that moths like it very much. Due to the softness and lightweight of cashmere, it’s a frequent choice while the price for such outer clothing is very high.
  2. Sleeves of the item. If you like a classic style and often wear suits, remember about the length of the sleeves. They are to cover the cuffs of your suit and even be a little bit longer to provide the freedom of movement. Moreover, such a solution will never allow feeling cold even in winter.
  3. Length of a coat. Traditional overcoats for men are usually long enough and might even reach the ankles of an owner. Such a length’s perfect for seasoned men as it can fit any type of figure and emphasizes the perfect taste. There exist more modern variations of overcoats. The majority of young guys prefer the items of knee-length (there’re a bit shorter and longer models). It’s a perfect choice to show your impressive shape. Such a variation is wonderful if you put on an overcoat closer to your body (with little clothing underneath). Knee-length overcoats aren’t too warm compared with full-length ones, so they might be appropriate in cold seasons only if you spend little time outside.
  4. Construction of an item. Various overcoats for men might have different elements. For example, more luxurious models have sewn canvas. They are very durable and reliable. Overcoats with fused canvas are cheaper but their duration is less.
  5. Suitable fit. Remember: overcoats are outer clothing, so they’re put on something else. Thus, buying your item put on a 3-piece suit, favorite jacket, or at least a shirt in order to make certain that an item fits perfectly.

Overcoat for men: selecting a suitable style

Appropriate style’s key to your successful image. Style is an individual issue, so you are free to select the one according to the preferences. Overcoats might have various construction being single-/double-breasted (like in Peaky Blinders look). The latest variation’s formal and usually much warmer (thanks to the additional layer of material covering the chest), so you can choose one for colder weather.

Pay attention to your everyday wardrobe and situations you are going to wear your coat to make the right choice of your overcoat for men.

Modern overcoats for men
Why do you need an overcoat for men?
General sorts of overcoats for men
Peculiarities of overcoats for men
Recommendations for the selection of perfect overcoats for men
Overcoat for men: selecting a suitable style