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Boy’s suits

While usually your son is running all days long and gets dusty, dirty, oily, or whatever the street mud offer, there are special occasions in life when your junior has to look at his best, like a stylish elegant small gentleman. And here is where we come into play, with the variety of elegant boy’s suits that match many occasions.

Boy dressed with grey 3 piece tweed boy's suits, and peaky blinders hat and ready for wedding event

Boy’s Suits Grey Color Tweed 3 Piece Peaky Blinders Suit Cavani Albert

Let’s talk more about how to select boy’s suits in terms of material, occasion, and the type of suit, as well as finishing apparel.

Boy’s suits: general description

There can be many occasions when you need to dress up your junior in one of the boy’s suits:

  • wedding
  • serious event important for your job or business with family members participating
  • a formal picnic or any other outdoor occasion with a dress code
  • meeting guests
  • going to school or any other educational facility – when the suit is an inseparable piece of an educational process (if this school does not have a specially agreed uniform)
  • for a holiday where fun is in the middle but a suit is needed as well: Christmas, for instance.

Depending on a manufacturer and a store you’re buying boy’s suits, you can see them divided into two or three categories. When 3, these are:

  • for toddlers
  • for little boys
  • for big boys.

When 2, the division in boy’s suits is usually for smaller (0-6 or something like this) & for more senior (over this age). Our division is done based on the size chart, which is based on inches of chest, sleeve, and waist, resulting in EU sizes (from 44 to 66). You can also select from the trousers’ leg length (if available for a model) – short, regular or long.

Unlike models for men, boy’s suits do not have such division of a fit as slim/extremely slim, modern, classic, executive. Although, sometimes, suits for boys are divided into Classic, Husky, and Modern fits.

You can play with the level of elegance selecting various styles of patterns of boy’s suits (geometric, houndstooth, paisley, solid, and stripe), as well as material: cotton (in purity or in a blend), pure and blended polyester, fabric, rayon, wool, and their blends. We offer mixes, like polyester and viscose, which are nice to the body and have high wearable characteristics.

Boy’s suits: how to define the right color and style

It is advisable to pick boy’s suits based on the nature of the occasion:

  1. School. For school, do not opt for lighter colors and hues, as even if your kid is not prone to active playing, he will still get muddy – because of a leaked pen, sitting on something dirty, or fighting with other boys. He also can super easily smear a sleeve in the un-dried pen trail. In other words – this is school. If you are not opting for much simpler clothes like jeans, then think of darker (but not black) tones: gray, blue, navy, brown, maroon… Think of a need to re-purchase boy’s suits once in a while, and when you will have picked the right color, which lasts, you might wanna stick to it in the further purchases. To complete the image of a boy wearing a boy’s suit, have loafers or appropriate laced footwear.
  2. Wedding. Needless to say, if a planned wedding has a pre-selected color scheme, which everyone has to stick to, then picking boy’s suits of that same hue is a must. Otherwise, it would be a clever decision to buy a lighter option, which looks perfect on occasions like this: to underline the wedding’s positive mood with white, orange, or other colors of this gamma.
  • For various events like visiting guests, going to a restaurant, or at a concert, opting for boy’s suits, consider the level of formality, which may result in the absence of a tie or looking like Peaky Blinders (with that stylish hat). Of course, it will strongly depend on the classiness of the event – some of them are very strict about the dress code.
  1. For outdoor events, the level of hotness or coldness on the street will matter. For a colder season, think about a raincoat or a cloak + a cap and warm boots to complete the image that you’ve created with a boy’s suit. By the way, a tie or a bow can be replaced with a scarf – to protect from winds. For hotter weather, the warmest thing that a boy should wear must be a vest made of light materials – to look classy. Otherwise, don’t apply any boy’s suits.
  2. How about the allowed colors? While most of the occasions are not rigid about the color preferences, still, there are occasions that are. One of them is Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Some colors are prohibited for boys and girls, as well as for their parents. And if you are not sure about the color scheme of some event (Bar Mitzvah inclusive), you should check it at your organizer prior to selecting a suit.
Boy dressed with blue 3 piece tweed boys suit and ready for wedding party

Boys Suits Blue Color Tweed 3 Piece Cavani Carnegi

Boy’s suits: what are general rules for selecting proper attire?

When you’re thinking about buying boy’s suits, it is, unfortunately, impossible to pick the best to make it last for years, as children grow fast. Sometimes, you can buy 1 or even 2 sizes bigger if it looks well enough on your kid. But it will help only for an extra season (when speaking about 0-4 year-olds) or for 1-2 seasons (when speaking about 5-12 year-olds).

So, if it is not sturdiness and good quality of the cut, then what other things can define the rules of purchasing boy’s suits? Here are a few:

  • Quality of the material. If a suit won’t last long, then think of maximizing its good job during its lifetime by selecting the good quality of the material it is made of. No matter, which one you pick, if it is manufactured from a low-quality material, it will tear or fall apart even sooner than you expect. You can avoid that by selecting a stout material.
  • If you have two children of a small age difference, you still can consider buying higher-quality boy’s suits thinking of dressing a younger boy when the time arrives.
  • If the suit is not intended for long usage but it is rather for a one-time occasion, think about renting a boy’s suit for a day or two. It will save you money. However, when there are multiple occasions your boy is to participate in, you can buy 1-2-sizes bigger jacket and to replace only trousers as they become smaller – this is another fine way to make the economy, whilst still making your child look stylish.

Boy’s suits: tips of selection

Selecting the boy’s suits, the first thing you have to do is to measure your child: as the selection is based primarily on the measurements. These shall be measured: chest, sleeve, and legs. Sleeve length can be short, regular, and long – this is to be chosen based on the correlation of chest size and arms’ length. If you have a sturdy child, it is generally advisable to opt for regular or short sleeves whilst for a slim one, long sleeves are often the case. The same is pretty much true for pants but actual measurements make the rules. And if you don’t fit any regular boy’s suits incompleteness, it is possible to buy trousers and jacket separately.

Boy’s suits: weather should be considered

No matter what is the occasion to wear boy’s suits, however, think of the temperature on the street and that children have not as well-balanced heat regulation as adults, so over-dressing them can be dangerous for health, not mentioning extra sweating (and it is definitely more dangerous than overcooling).

When it’s summertime and children are to play a lot, it would be wise to stick to linen or cotton shirts and trousers, as well as to avoid hot jackets. If needed in some moments, though, they are worn, whilst in other moments, they are taken off and put on a chair’s back. Trousers are easily switched to shorts, while the long sleeve is switched to a short one.

When thinking about colder days, classic tweed or wool 3-piece boy’s suits (with a shirt of light hues and a T-shirt underneath it) are exactly the case – not only to make your child warm but also to look elegantly stylish.

Boy’s suits
Boy’s suits: general description
Boy’s suits: how to define the right color and style
Boy’s suits: what are general rules for selecting proper attire?
Boy’s suits: tips of selection
Boy’s suits: weather should be considered