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New rock boots: what kind of boots are these?

The new rock boots are one of the most expressively stylish footwear. They were originally made for Goths and lovers of metal (the direction in music), including all its heavy genres: post-metal, black, death, doom, trash, groove, pirate, power metal, and other of the kind. Wearing new rock boots, people underline their deep interest to the dark side of life, their uniqueness in the world of people and fashion, adherence to gloominess, as well as underlining personal traits of character by choosing specific models of new rock boots. Today we are exploring the types of new rock boots, their quality, and general pieces of advice on how to wear them.

New Rock boots made from black real leather model 106N-S52

New Rock Metallic Black Leather Boots

The new rock boots are made for men and women and they can be split into these types:

For women:

  • high platform, with the height of the heel same or near the same throughout the length of the foot
  • high heel with a usual thin platform
  • punk style
  • lady style with a decreased nose.

Inside of these general types, this footwear is further split into these subcategories of styles: knee-high, thigh-high, stiletto, pumps, military, low-top, high-top, high-platform, high-heel, flats, creepers, clogs, ballerinas. They also differentiate into shoes, boots, booties, and sneakers in the general type of form.

For men:

  • Boots
  • Booties
  • Sneakers
  • Shoes
  • Sandals
  • Western-style.

They are further differentiated into biker-style, boat, creepers, flats, heel, high, loafers, low-top, high-top, military, vintage, and platform.

All, men and women, new rock boots are split into even smaller categories based on the following personal characteristics:

  • size
  • color
  • adornments
  • material of the top (lycra, microfiber, natural leather, nubuck, artificial leather, suede, recycled materials, and others)
  • material of the sole (polyurethane, rubber, TPR, leather, plastic, sheet, ethylene vinyl acetate, polyvinyl chloride, BPU, ABS)
  • existence/absence of metal elements in the footwear
  • clasp/buckle type
  • laces color, length, and type
  • heel type.

And – in addition to gender-definite models, you can also find unisex options, which will match better to more types of clothing, as they are more faceless.

New rock boots: a few words about the quality

All kinds of new rock boots are hard to manufacture due to their unique style and a lot of embroideries, metallic elements, and extra decoration that is applied to the top, bottom and sides of shoes. It is not a rare thing when such boots are made with iron spikes, several buckles and clasps all over the shoe. And as people like to have extra adornments on the outer side of such footwear, you can see on many of those items such things as extra layers of natural or artificial skin, which depict skulls (horned ones, too), fire, and devil-looking pictures.

The entire bulkiness of such applied work and time makes all shoes of this assortment to be of exceptionally high quality, so they are literally made to last. You can often find new rock boots lasting for a decade, two or more in one owner – that’s how good they are. And that even despite the fact of daily or almost daily usage!

Speaking about the quality, it also must be mentioned that the real new rock boots are made only by one company in the world, which was founded by the Ortuño family in 1978 in Yecla, Spain. This family is engaged in shoemaking over several generations, working in the field since 1928. 8 years from now, they are celebrating 100 years of their activity! No wonder that their product is so much appreciated on the market. And also no wonder that you can find many fake boots made by other companies, with very different quality and a smaller price tag. Just to be sure: we only sell the Ortuño family-made boots, so you shan’t worry about the level of quality.

New Rock boots made from black leather model M-NEWMILI083-VS2

New Rock Vegan Boots Combat Black Leather Biker Shoes

New rock boots: who and when wears them?

Are you going to a concert of your favorite metal/gothic/punk band or one of new/neo directions? That’s a good reason to wear this type of footwear.

Are you visiting a party of Goths/metal lovers/akin? That is another reason, as well as having a hangout with your friends who adhere to named cultures or their flows.

Do you travel in hard-to-walk places, where usual tourists are never seen? Well, that’s a good reason to wear one of such shoes to make sure you aren’t hurting your legs or feet with hard-to-walk-on soil. Not all places to visit are great for such shoes, though, but these shoes are also a considerable option together with mountain boots or sneakers depending on the exact conditions you are going to be in and the length of your journey.

Another reason to wear them is to underline your personal style in appearance – this will make it clear for people around you what kind of person you are, as your shoes of that style are seen from a large distance. It will be easier for you to see other like-minded people of your kind and to make friends with them. So, this can be your personal label that will highlight you in the crowd.

Last but not least – these boots are a wonderful addition for your bed games with a lover who’s excited about seeing such boots on your feet. Combining them with the set of proper apparel, you can create a distinctive image to exploit it with pleasure for you both.

How to match new rock boots with other clothes?

Before speaking about clothes you can match with your new rock boots, it is worth mentioning that you can add extra accessories to your footwear (bought from the store as well). For instance, it is possible to add more metal to your pair or replace a heel with a new one. However, you should remember that such dramatic changes to your shows as replacing a heel would definitely require the work of a professional shoemaker, so don’t try to make it on your own unless you are a shoemaker.

As for other combinable things, we can mention such accessories as rings, chains, and earrings (all metal you wear must specifically have white metal glossy shine, as no other colors of metals compatible with your boots unless they are specifically done in some color that matches other colors – like copper).

The style of clothes you can choose is vast – for Goths, punks, heavy metal adherents – which are further decomposed into a specific style and direction.

New rock boots: how to choose one?

First, look at what will combine well with your current clothes or what style you wish to create. Don’t forget that high-platform or high-heel shoes will add a significant extra to your natural height. They are a nice choice for girls and guys below 5’3” tall. But you can also underline your demonically high height – so if you’re over 5’11”, adding a high heel will easily turn you into 6’1”, 6’2” or taller – depending on your initial height. That will nicely underscore your physicality.

Considering a punk style, picking new rock footwear is a great option. For glam-punk style, which is followed mostly by girls, white, pink, or yellow colors of high-platform shoes are usually selected. This can be the Metallic White Leather Boots model.

For pop-punk, which is followed by both genders, it is advisable to pick cowboy boots, western cowboy mid-high boots, vintage or embossed options. For instance, pay attention to the Grey Dallas Leather boots model.

New Rock cowboy boots made from black leather with silver studs

New Rock Cowboy Boots from Black Leather Heavy Biker

Hardcore punks are free to select from the widest range of footwear – from sneakers to the heaviest options, for instance, like the Red Skull Black Devil Leather boots model.

New rock boots: what kind of boots are these?
New rock boots: a few words about the quality
New rock boots: who and when wears them?
How to match new rock boots with other clothes?
New rock boots: how to choose one?