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What are loafers for men?

Loafers refer to the category of a slip-on. The key feature of them is that they’re laceless. The special construction makes them practical and offers many interesting options to the owner. There are certain variations, which are acceptable as formal shoes for men. Thus, horsebit, tasseled loafers, or penny loafers are a wonderful addition to the formal suit. All the other kinds of loafers are more casual and acceptable in everyday life.

weave pu leather loafers for men in three colors, white, brown and black from Happy Gentleman

Black, brown, white weave PU leather loafers for men

When selecting such footwear, it’s important to think about the whole silhouette. In particular, the cut of pants and suit is of importance. Loafers are considered low-profile, so loose pants might look a bit strange in a combination with them. In general, such footwear is always a good solution for the warm seasons.

The advantages of loafers for men

Loafers for men are one of the preferable footwear among guys all over the world. It is connected with the benefits they offer:

  • They are lightweight (it means you can feel free to move and you will never get tired even after a long working day)
  • They are breathable (made of natural materials, loafers are perfect for any season and allow your skin to breathe)
  • They provide maximum comfort (thanks to their form and materials selected, they don’t make you feel hampered even if you have wide feet. There are no heels of lacing)
  • They take care of your health (your feet always feel comfortable and don’t sweat a lot, which is good for blood circulation and the organism in general)
  • They are versatile (such footwear is appropriate for the men of any ages and social status. They might be suitable for various styles if you manage to choose the right model)
  • They are trendy (in the modern era, comfort goes to the first place. Fashion designers keep creating innovative and very stylish loafers for men to please the taste of every representative of the stronger sex).

What’s more, loafers are extremely easy to wear. You will need just a few seconds to put them on because there is no lacing provided.

Suede Square Toe Slip on Loafers for Men in two different colors blue and black from Happy Gentleman

Suede Square Toe Slip-on Loafers for Men

Materials for loafers for men

Material is a very important aspect when we speak about footwear. Any high-quality loafers for men are always made of natural materials, particularly:

  • Thanks to the gleaming finish, such material is perfect to complete your smart look. You can feel free to combine them with a formal suit or a bit casual variation of clothing. Leather loafers are quite sturdy and durable. All you should do to keep them clean is to polish them regularly. In addition, they develop a special patina with years, which makes their life even longer.
  • This type of material is more delicate and requires special care. It’s advisable to choose such footwear for the warm seasons only. It’s vital to keep such loafers from moisture if you want them to serve you longer. The models made of suede are very luxurious and have a more casual look, so it’s better not to combine them with a formal outfit. At the same time, they are classy and stylish symbolizing your status and perfect taste.

Types of loafers for men

Today there exist plenty of variations of loafers you can select for various situations. Let’s consider the most popular types:

  1. Penny loafers. This variation appeared more than a century ago. And it’s still one of the preferred types of loafers among modern men. It is a classic variation of shoes, which can successfully become a part of a formal style. At the same time, those loafers are versatile and can be effectively combined with other kinds of clothing. For a classier look, it’s recommended to choose leather loafer supplementing them with a cool jacket, chinos, and a T-shirt.
  2. Tassel loafers. This kind of shoe is featured by the additional decorative elements, which make the loafers less conservative compared to penny models. The variation looks elegant and stylish but it’s still very practical. One of the popular variations of such loafers is created of cordovan, while others are mostly made of calfskin. As a result, tassel variations are durable and bright. Made of the least porous kind of leather, those loafers are quite expensive.
  3. Horsebit loafers. It is a perfect solution for a definitive dress style. The shoes are featured by a brass strap in the shape of a horse’s snaffle. They took much of their look from the sportsmen participating in horse racing and polo matches. This style became very popular among the fashion designers, and today it’s considered iconic. The leading brands keep producing horsebit loafers. Such footwear can become a wonderful addition to a formal suit.
  4. Being an extremely relaxed model, it is now getting more and more popular. Such loafers for men are frequently worn by the world icons of style. They are featured by a very sturdy leather sole, small heels, and uppers made of suede/velvet. You can select such loafers in order to elevate your casual look making it more stylish and trendy. You can use contemporary types of leather and bright colors to make your image fresher. However, note that slippers are not appropriate for formal events.
Vintage Retro Smart Casual Real Leather Designer Slip On Loafers for Men with good quality from Happy Gentleman

Vintage Retro Smart Casual Real Leather Designer Slip-On Loafers for Men

Loafers for men: how to wear them right?

It’s necessary to be careful wearing loafers. When you buy them, always take your general look and situation into consideration. There’re a few recommendations for you to choose loafers for men:

  1. If you are going to wear loafers with a formal suit, make sure the length is acceptable. There should be a slight break for you to feel comfortable and look elegant.
  2. If you’re one of those searching for a modern style, it’s important to select a corresponding model and hint of loafers for men. As for the other elements of your look, choose a contemporary cropped/slim and tapered trouser style.
  3. For a summer image, think of comfort first. Select lighter variations of loafers. If you choose the bright colors combining your shoes with a plain linen shirt, you will definitely look outstanding and stylish.
  4. Take advantage of a sockless fashion to demonstrate your ankles. It’s a nice alternative for warmer seasons. However, there is no need to leave your feet fly solo. Today there are many no-show socks produced by the creative designers for your comfort. Otherwise, use talcum powder in order to avoid extra sweating.

If you decide to buy a pair of loafers for men, always pay attention to their quality. It’s better to choose the models made of natural materials due to their obvious benefits. Think of the care a definite material will require as well. If you are selecting your shoes for a certain occasion, it’s important to think of the general style you selected. Choose the model in accordance with the occasion and make sure it perfectly matches your attire to look absolutely great. Loafers will become a perfect addition to the wardrobe of any modern guy and allow adding a personal touch to the everyday image.

What are loafers for men?
The advantages of loafers for men
Materials for loafers for men
Types of loafers for men
Loafers for men: how to wear them right?