• Blundstone 3
  • Cavani 1
  • Elong 1
  • ETOR 4
  • Galax 3
  • House Of Cavani 4
  • London Brogues 9
  • Patron 2
  • Tamboga 1
  • UK 11 9
  • UK 4 9
  • UK 5 9
  • UK 6 9
  • UK 7 9
  • UK 9 9
  • UK 8 9
  • UK 10 9
  • UK 12 9
  • 10 7
  • 10.5 3
  • 11 7
  • 12 7
  • 3 1
  • 3.5 1
  • 4 3
  • 4.5 3
  • 5 7
  • 5.5 3
  • 6 7
  • 6.5 3
  • 7 7
  • 7.5 3
  • 8 7
  • 8.5 3
  • 9 7
  • 9.5 3
  • 5-UK 12
  • 6-UK 12
  • 7-UK 12
  • 8-UK 12
  • 9-UK 12
  • 10-UK 12
  • 11-UK 12
  • 12-UK 12
  • Beige 6
  • Black 16
  • Blue 7
  • Brown 16
  • Burgundy 4
  • Camel 6
  • Coffee 4
  • Green 6
  • Grey 7
  • Navy 8
  • Olive Green 6
  • Red 3
  • Tan 15
  • White 7
  • Wine 7

Who can wear boots for men?

The varieties of boots for men are numerous. Such a model is universal and can be suitable for the guys of various ages. Thanks to a diversity of styles and materials, all men will get a chance to buy a model, which will please him. There are boots for conservative men, which look reserved and solid. Trendy young guys can select stylish variations in bright colors with nice decorative elements.

Cavani Sherlock real leather tweed herringbone ankle boots for men in brown color.

Cavani Sherlock Leather Tweed Herringbone Ankle Boots for Men

Boots for men are appropriate in different situations. Such footwear is created primarily for cold seasons. They are a good alternative to shoes and loafers if the temperature gets lower or during rain and snow. Of course, it’s important to choose good material to guarantee the durability of your boots.

What are boots for men?

Boots are a special kind of footwear created for poor weather conditions. Such a model can effectively extend your formal wardrobe and become an integral part of your everyday look. There are various types of boots acceptable in a formal style. The key feature of the general model is uppers covering the ankle. Such footwear is perfect for bad weather or rough outdoor situations. It is also a good alternative for the daytime formal meetings if you select the right variation.

Boots for men: benefits

Plenty of men all over the globe want to buy a pair of boots to create a fashionable look. It’s connected with a great number of advantages such kind of footwear provides:

  • It adds to your height (for short guys or those who want to be taller, it’s a unique opportunity to reach this goal and additionally look quite stylish)
  • It guarantees a masculine look (boots are able to add width, length, and overall size to your feet)
  • It is made of high-quality materials (the variations created of natural leather are a perfect choice for long-lasting footwear. This material additionally creates an image of masculinity and strength)
  • It is functional (boots for men are not just beautiful, they provide impressive protection especially when made of sturdy leather)
  • It is durable (a pair of boots will serve you for years if you buy a high-quality one).

What’s more, women adore such type of footwear and the way it looks like. Thus, you will definitely become more popular among ladies wearing such footwear.

Real leather riding boots for men with chain in brown and black color.

Real Leather Riding Boots for Men with Chain

Types of boots for men

There are many kinds of boots for men available today. To select the best variation for yourself, make sure you know the popular models:

  1. Classic Chelsea variations. They are characterized by elastic slip-on heels. They’re considered iconic and still very popular among modern men. These boots also have a slip-on fit and mid-round toe for movement, which makes them very functional. The height of the heels might be various, so you can choose it in accordance with your taste and style. For instance, higher heels are good for formal occasions, while flat variations are perfect for a casual style.
  2. British Brogues. This model is very recognizable. It is characterized by the patterned hole punch. Those boots are known as a British classic. There are various types of lace options depending on the model. Thus, they might have enclosed or open lacing being either of Oxford or Derby style. Due to the holes, such footwear is recommended for rainy weather. They are very practical and able to dry quite fast. At the same time, the model is extremely stylish and can add a personal touch to the general look.
  3. Derby models. They’re a symbol of a classic. They are featured by special lacing, where eyelets are stitched on the top of the vamp. As a result, an open front is created. The model looks very casual, so the majority of everyday boots are created on the basis of this variation. It is adored by the legendary brands and contemporary manufacturers. However, it’s important to remember that Derby boots for men have a hardware look, so they are not usually acceptable for a formal style.
  4. Chilled Chukka Boots. It’s an advanced model, which is preferred by modern designers. The boots look contemporary and are able to become a perfect choice for trendy guys. They are mostly created of suede or calfskin. Such variations ideally match casual jeans, for instance, skinnies. Chinos are also an option. However, those boots are not good to complete a formal outfit.
  5. Rugged Hiking boots. If you are searching for an adventurous and maximum masculine look, it’s a perfect choice for you. Such boots are very sturdy and tough. Besides, they are very practical and appropriate for extremely poor weather conditions. It’s better to wear such boots for men with attire of a similar style. For example, you can add a pair of woolen pants and complete your look with an outdoorsy coat. The model is thick and heavy. It perfectly matches the layered outfit. You can feel free to experiment with various hints and textures. Of course, such boots have nothing to do with a classic.
  6. Biker models. For the advanced guys, who additionally want to look sexy, such men’s footwear is a perfect choice. Not all the models look very formal but there are those, which can even match a classic suit. The diversity of models is able to impress the most exacting guy. There are high-heel shoes and more casual or even sports versions. The hints are mostly dark but there might be colorful additions on them. Selecting such boots, make sure they look great with your outfit. With them, you can create an outstanding wild look and impress all people around.
Slip-in bworn and black brogue boots for men.

Slip-On Brogue Boots for Men

How to select boots for men?

It’s sometimes difficult to choose boots for men, which will perfectly suit you. Consider several rules to make your choice easier:

  1. Consider the occasion. It’s important to understand, where you are going to wear your boots. Remember that not all the models are acceptable in a formal style.
  2. Pay attention to quality. Boots will become a good investment if they’re durable and comfortable. Make sure you select a reliable brand with a good reputation because even true leather boots might turn to be a disappointment for you.
  3. Select the right size. It’s vital to feel comfortable wearing boots. Thus, make sure you know your size and footwear fits well. It also plays an important role in your health.
  4. Define the hue, which will be suitable for you. It will depend on the occasion, personal preferences, and the general colors of your attire.
  5. Give your preference to natural materials. It’s very important for both comfort and durability. Remember that certain types of leather are more delicate and will require special care. Some materials can be more expensive than others. It’s better to compare different types of boots to make the right choice.

Select a perfect pair of boots and create a perfect trendy image for the upcoming cold season!

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Boots for men: benefits
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