• House Of Cavani 4
  • TruClothing 8
  • 5
  • Modern Fit (Inbetween Slim & Regular) 4
  • Slim Fit 4
  • 3/4 Long 8
  • 2XL 5
  • Small 5
  • UK 36 4
  • UK 38 4
  • UK 40 4
  • UK 42 4
  • UK 44 4
  • UK 46 4
  • UK 48 4
  • UK 50 4
  • UK 52 4
  • X-Small 5
  • Large 5
  • Medium 5
  • X-Large 5
  • 34 4
  • 36 8
  • 38 8
  • 40 8
  • 42 8
  • 44 8
  • 46 8
  • 48 8
  • 50 4
  • 3XL 5
  • 4XL 5
  • 5XL 5
  • Black 3
  • Blue 4
  • Charcoal 2
  • Grey 3
  • Navy 3
  • Oak 1
  • Olive Green 1

Peaky Blinders overcoats

For those who want to look like legendary Peaky Blinders, every detail of the style of essential. Along with three-piece suits, Peaky Blinders overcoats are an important part of the look of the gangsters of those times. Without it, the image won’t be fulfilled.

Premium Herringbone Tweed Peaky Blinders Overcoat - Happy Gentleman

Premium Herringbone Tweed Peaky Blinders Overcoat

Peaky Blinders overcoats as a part of a suit

Recalling popular TV series, everyone already knows what classical Peaky Blinders look should contain. There are the following main ‘components’:

  • shirt
  • three-piece suit (trousers, waistcoat, and jacket)
  • shoes
  • hat
  • Peaky Blinders overcoat.

An overcoat is a detail, which is neglected by many Peaky Blinders fans. But this is a huge mistake. It is a vital part of a look, which is not just stylish but also functional. Peaky Blinders overcoat can make you feel warm during the cold season and protect from various weather conditions as it did in the past times.

Your overcoat should complement and match the style of every suit independently of the style. And it concerns Peaky Blinders suits as well. One of the most important features of the overcoat is its length and fabric it is made of. The right choice makes it go perfect with a full Peaky Blinders 3-piece suit.

Distinctive features of a Peaky Blinders overcoat

In most cases, the overcoat is created in dark colors. It is single-breasted (which means that the overcoat has only one line of buttons on the front side of it). However, there are also double-breasted versions. Besides, the number of buttons might be different (it is usually two or three). The long and dark overcoat is a so-called signature item of 1902’s look. You can hardly see Tommy and his guys without it in the series when they are outside. An overcoat alone is able to instantly make any look classy and stylish even without a corresponding suit.

The key feature of any Peaky Blinders overcoat is its vintage look. But don’t worry about fashion. Modern designs allow you to stay up-to-date with such retro-like attire as well. It is possible thanks to the fabrics used, hues, and prints selected.

Taking into account poor weather conditions in Birmingham, the outerwear of gangsters was thick and long enough. Thus, to recreate the style, you should follow the design. Long and heavy Peaky Blinders overcoats look extremely stylish on modern men providing perfect protection from cold, rain, and even snow. Besides, dark colors are very practical, so don’t be afraid of the slush and dirt. Just imagine how those coats flap in the wind, and you will love them forever.

The style is timeless, so such an overcoat will be a good investment. Moreover, you can select not just classical Peaky Blinders patterns but plain dark items with no prints.

Colors of Peaky Blinders overcoats

Depending on your preferences, age, and style, you are free to choose various hints for your outerwear. There are classical checkered variations of overcoats and more fashionable versions. Let’s observe some popular hints:

  • Black (pure black or checkered versions are ideal for conservative men who don’t want to stand out too much. Such Peaky Blinders overcoats look very classical and strict, so they are universal for every style)
  • Blue (it is a typical Peaky Blinders overcoat, which looks just the way it did in the past times. It is ideal for the true fans of the series and might become a part of everyday style for modern dandies)
  • Brown (this warm color is very nice and can easily become an addition for any formal style. Such overcoats look good with any classical suits and fashionable trousers)
  • Camel (it is a very attractive and light hue, which is perfect for warmer seasons, for instance, early autumn. It looks less authentic to the Peaky Blinders style but still belongs to it)
  • Charcoal (another ideal sample of a Peaky Blinders overcoat, which is nice for any formal and strict style. Any conservative guy will highly estimate such color. There are thicker and thinner versions for various weather conditions)
  • Grey and Dark Grey (select the hint for formal style but remember that the Peaky Blinders style requires darker hues, so light grey overcoats will look more ordinary)
  • Navy (very fashionable color, which looks great on men of any age. However, make sure to supplement it with a corresponding 3-piece suit to preserve the Peaky Blinders style)
  • Oak (an interesting and extraordinary color, which perfectly matches the suits for formal ceremonies and celebrations on the open air. It is not literally Tommy’s style but still looks amazing and noble)
  • Olive Green (another fashionable color, which resembles the soldier’s uniform making it looking strict and solid. It might become an interesting solution for a renovated Peaky Blinders look in a combination with a suit in dark colors).

Materials for Peaky Blinders overcoats

Gangsters from the 1920s didn’t have such a great choice that we can find today. Modern guys can select Peaky Blinders overcoats for various seasons and weather conditions. There are two main types of fabrics used by the designers:

  • wool
  • polyester.

Woolen overcoats are perfect for cold weather as they are able to protect you from the cold wind and other unpleasant conditions. The thickness of the wool might be various, so you can find outerwear even for winter (of course, if we are not talking about hard frost). Tweed models are lighter and more stylish.

Coats from polyester are much lighter and pleasant to wear in warmer seasons, such as fall or spring. They can provide protection from rain but won’t make you feel the uncomfortable weight of wool.

The development of fashion allowed creating more trendy versions of Peaky Blinders overcoats. Today they might be:

  • modern fit (the models are something in between slim and regular)
  • slim fit (to show off your forms)
  • tailored fit (something in between slim and regular fit repeating your own forms).

There are also different variations of length available:

  • classical long
  • ¾

The diversity of designs and fits will help the men with any complexion, style, and preferences finding a perfect Peaky Blinders overcoat.

Men's Classic Wool Black Peaky Blinders Overcoat

Men’s Classic Wool Black Peaky Blinders Overcoat

How to choose a peaky blinder overcoat?

Note that selecting a coat, it is important to find the one, which will match your 3-piece suit to make your Peaky Blinders look more true to life. Besides, make sure that you choose the right size and appropriate length of the sleeve.

The fabric must correspond to the season you are planning to wear your overcoat to be able to protect you from certain weather conditions. Finally, the overcoat should be comfortable to wear to make you feel the same self-confident and solid as the legendary gangsters of the 1920s.

Create your own Peaky Blinders style and stay in fashion supplementing your wardrobe with one of the trendy overcoats suitable for various occasions!

Peaky Blinders overcoats
Peaky Blinders overcoats as a part of a suit
Distinctive features of a Peaky Blinders overcoat
Colors of Peaky Blinders overcoats
Materials for Peaky Blinders overcoats
Popular designs of Peaky Blinders overcoats
How to choose a peaky blinder overcoat?

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