• Cavani 11
  • Harry Brown 4
  • House Of Cavani 7
  • Marc Darcy 10
  • Paul Andrew 9
  • TruClothing 20
  • Slim Fit 9
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim & regular fit) 34
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim and regular fit) 6
  • Long 3
  • Regular 54
  • Short 3
  • 34UK Jacket + 28W Trousers 48
  • 36UK Jacket + 30W Trousers 61
  • 38UK Jacket + 32W Trousers 61
  • 40UK Jacket + 34W Trousers 61
  • 42UK Jacket + 36W Trousers 61
  • 44UK Jacket + 38W Trousers 61
  • 46UK Jacket + 40W Trousers 61
  • 48UK Jacket + 42W Trousers 61
  • 50UK Jacket + 44W Trousers 61
  • 52UK Jacket + 46W Trousers 61
  • Beige 3
  • Black 2
  • Blue 10
  • blue grey 1
  • Brown 7
  • Burgundy 1
  • Charcoal 2
  • Cream 2
  • Green 1
  • Grey 6
  • Navy 14
  • navy blue 1
  • Oak 2
  • Olive 1
  • Plum 1
  • Rust 1
  • Tan 2
  • tan brown 1
  • Wine 1

The popularity of Tweed 3 Piece Suits

Tweed 3 piece suit outfit has been popular since the time of gangsters. And even at that time, the clothes were used to show off standing out in the crowd. Today the diversity of colors and prints of tweed 3 piece suit allows everyone to find his own perfect suit depending on age, tastes, and other factors.

Blue 3 piece suit with contrasting oak brown waistcoat

Men’s Blue Tweed 3 Piece Suit with Contrasting Oak Brown Waistcoat

Tweed 3 piece suits are a kind of men’s heritage. Such clothes are considered luxury expressing the perfect taste of a man and his social status. Tweed 3 piece suit creates an impression of a self-confident, respected, and prosperous man. Desiring to create a look of a real gentleman, you should definitely have a tweed 3 piece suit in the closet.

What’s a tweed 3 piece suit?

Tweed 3 piece suit is a classical outfit made of a high-quality wood blend. The material of the tweed 3 piece suit is woven with a twill structure in most cases. For the creation of such a fabric, thick untwisted yarn is usually used.

Tweed 3 piece suits are warm and heavy enough meant for the cold weather, which is why people of the working class in the 1920s started wearing such suits. During that time, tweed 3 piece suits were also popular among gangsters, who had more money and selected more fashionable variations of a tweed outfit using tie clips, smart ties, collar pins, armbands, and other accessories.

Every tweed 3 piece suit consists of the following elements:

  • jacket
  • trousers
  • waistcoat.

In a combination, they create a gorgeous look of a gentleman wearing a tweed 3 piece suit. You can always add accessories and expensive shoes to complete your look. Besides, a tweed 3 piece suit can be easily selected for various types of occasions.

expensive blue tweed 3 piece suit contrasting with a tan waistcoat

Stylish tweed 3 piece suit

The fabric itself in a tweed 3 piece suit is quite soft having a flexible texture. The suits for men are usually woven with a plain weave, twill, or herringbone structure. Before the spun, various kinds of wool are mixed in order to create special hints and effects of a tweed 3 piece suit.

The advantages of a tweed 3 piece suit

Tweed 3 piece suits are very popular nowadays. The application of perfects fabrics makes suits moisture-resistant and durable. Being an outfit for the informal situations in the past, today tweed 3 piece suit can be easily used for various events including serious formal occasions. As tweed 3 piece suits are warm enough, they are often used for outdoor activities (especially in Ireland and Scotland), for instance, hunting.

Tweed 3 piece suits have plenty of advantages, which are appreciated by the most elegant men worldwide:

  • tweed 3 piece suits are comfortable and warm (original suits)
  • there are different variations of suits for different weather conditions
  • they create a magnificent look making you solid
  • they are made of high-quality fabrics
  • tweed 3 piece suits are stylish
  • the durability of suits is impressive
  • the variations of hints and prints are diverse.

The outfit will come to your help in any situation. You can go for lunch, attend a wedding, or even go to your office. With the corresponding accessories, it’s possible to create any look.

Another positive moment about tweed 3 piece suits is that only natural materials are used. It means they are safe. There are cases when some synthetic fabrics might be added to tweed 3 piece suits, for example, polyester. They can make clothes more practical. The suits are easy to wash and take care of.

Even with such a long history, the clothes aren’t a blast from the past. The tweed 3 piece suits are still stylish and fashionable, so you can even create a trendy look of a young ‘dandy’ being dressed to the nines. Tweed suits are clothes that make your status higher. Everyone in the modern world knows that good clothes open all doors. Just imagine yourself taking off a jacket and staying in a waistcoat over a snow-white shirt. Any beautiful lady will hardly resist against your sexiness and charm.

So, don’t ignore these facts and make sure you have at least one woolen outfit. Moreover, a tweed 3 piece suit is a nice chance to diversify your clothes. Being eternally fashionable, the suits will serve you for years.

Types of tweed 3 piece suits

Modern tweed 3 piece suits are not identical. Today it’s possible to find various kinds of such clothes. Look at the most common types of them:

  • These are original suits, which are rough and very warm. They are perfects for cold rainy weather typical to Foggy Albion the suits came from. The suits will protect you from the cold winds and even frost.
  • The suits are a European variation of the outfit. They are much softer and plainer. Elbow pads are usually made of heavy leather. To protect the skin from the prickly wool, a lining at the full length of trousers is often used. The buttons are leather in most cases as well.

Today’s samples of suits are more of a continental style. A truly original variation used by the men of the past was characterized by:

  • 3 buttons
  • pockets cut out skew
  • a slit from the rear of the jacket
  • absence of a lining
  • absence of gathers
  • tight trousers
  • green-brown pane checked print.

If you imagine something like this, you will likely think of a carpet. That’s why modern types of suits are quite different. The jackets have one, two, or three buttons. Their color depends on the suit’s hint and general style. There exist several variations of waistcoats with a different number of buttons. You can find such popular brands as Cavani, Harry Brown, House Of Cavani, Marc Darcy, Paul Andrew, TruClothing, and others. Each of them presents an impressive collection of suits for solid representatives of the stronger sex. Besides, you can always find the variations for indoor and outdoor activities.

As for the prints and colors, the following can be enumerated about the most popular ones:

  • light blue
  • navy-blue
  • white
  • cream
  • dark blue
  • tan brown
  • check
  • dark grey
  • light grey
  • herringbone
  • wine, etc.

It’s critical to think about not just the occasion but also your age and build. Sometimes even the complexion matters for a trendy look.

When can you wear a tweed 3 piece suit?

Tweed clothes are perfect for any situation. Of course, if you manage to select the right category and size. It is quite popular among businessmen, artists, professors, and creative thinkers. Thus, you can easily select such an outfit for:

  • Work (never mind, whether you are a director or a white-collar)
  • Formal occasions
  • Everyday look (they are a perfect part of a casual style)
  • Race attendance
  • Informal meetings
  • Hunting
  • Weddings (just consider your role during the event to make the right choice).

There are variants of various fabric thicknesses. Thus, it’s not a problem to buy a suit for autumn, spring, summer, and even winter. The majority of people prefer not too thick versions to wear the suit throughout the year.

Man in grey tweed 3 piece suit contrasting with a blue waistcoat

Man in grey tweed 3 piece suit

Everyone, who is searching for elegance, sophistication, and an appealing look, can feel free to select a tweed outfit. Just manage to carefully choose the right size measuring your waist, chest, comparing the results with the size chart, and finally finding an appropriate length of your suit. Don’t forget to take the height into consideration as well.

Don’t forget to choose the color, which suits you best to look excellent and attractive on any occasion. Any man in a tweed 3 piece suit will look like a gentleman, which is a great addition to your manners and welfare. Let yourself always feel comfortable and self-confident becoming a part of the best society.

The popularity of Tweed 3 Piece Suits
What’s a tweed 3 piece suit?
The advantages of a tweed 3 piece suit
Types of tweed 3 piece suits
When can you wear a tweed 3 piece suit?

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