• Aviatrix 30
  • Happy Gentleman 14
  • I-y Leather 11
  • Infinity 18
  • Infinity Leather 12
  • N/A 24
  • Regular Fit 9
  • Slim Fit 20
  • Tailored Fit 7
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim & regular fit) 18
  • 2XL 7
  • Small 7
  • X-Small 7
  • Large 7
  • Medium 7
  • X-Large 7
  • XS 73
  • S 95
  • M 95
  • L 95
  • XL 91
  • XXL 95
  • XXXL 74
  • 3XL 94
  • 4XL 98
  • 5XL 98
  • 6XL 68
  • Begie 1
  • Black 44
  • Black - Gold 1
  • Blue 4
  • Brown 13
  • brown biker 1
  • brown racer 1
  • Burgundy 3
  • Camel 1
  • Coniac 1
  • Grey 1
  • Navy 3
  • navy blue 1
  • Nevada Timber 6
  • Red 1
  • Rub-off Black 1
  • Tan 8
  • Timber 4
  • White 1
  • Wine 3
  • Yellow 1
  • Zulu Blue 1
  • Zulu Brown 1

Men’s leather biker jackets and everything you need to know about them.

Every man wants to look stylish in any season of the year. A perfect image is impossible without high-quality clothes, which fit you well. Men’s leather biker jacket is a wonderful solution for every fashionable guy. Never mind, what kind of style is preferable for you; such an outfit will be appropriate and become a part of your everyday attire.

What is a men’s leather biker jacket?

A men’s leather biker jacket is a long-sleeve jacket created of different types of leather. It has an inside made of various types of fabrics to make them comfortable to the body and more durable. The jacket can be zipped (in most cases) and/or pressed-buttoned.

Mens Leather Biker Jacket Vintage Washed Black Brown Distressed Vintage HappyGentleman

Men’s Leather Biker Jacket Vintage Washed Black Brown Distressed Vintage

Initially, this type of clothes was created and used by punks and bikers. It was very practical and comfortable for them protecting selves from cold winds and various weather conditions. Today men’s leather biker jackets are a part of the closet of almost every young guy and elder man. Even girls managed to estimate the advantages of them making it an irreplaceable element of everyday style in spring and autumn.

Men’s leather biker jackets are numerous. You can find the one at any price but be careful selecting only high-quality samples.

Advantages of men’s leather biker jackets

Leather is purely natural material, which is characterized by its high quality, durability, and delicacy. Every guy wearing a men’s leather biker jacket expresses his taste and status. As for the main benefits of men’s leather biker jackets, we should mention the following:

  • The feeling of comfort
  • Universality
  • Luxury
  • Softness
  • The ease of care
  • Lightweight (in comparison with coats and other warm clothes)
  • Universality
  • Wide assortment of variations
  • Accessibility
  • Smooth finish
  • Variety of textures
  • Flexibility
  • Good protection (from rain, wind, etc. thanks to the possibility to warm up from the body heat)
  • Practicality
  • Impressive maintenance (the clothes are resistant to various external and environmental factors)
  • Thinness
  • Safety, etc.

You will definitely feel pleasure wearing a men’s leather biker jacket. In addition, your look will be very stylish and attractive.

One handsome young man in urban setting in modern city wearing mens biker leather jacket and jeans HappyGentleman

Man in an urban setting in a modern city wearing men’s biker leather jacket.

Types of men’s leather biker jackets

The varieties of men’s leather biker jackets are impressively numerous. First, you should know about the materials they are made of softer and harder kinds of leather.

Consider the most popular leather types you can find today:

  • It is a natural skin of a cow, which is unbleached and hard enough. It is the most widespread and accessible kind of leather characterized by the real color of an animal. Buying men’s leather biker jackets out of cowhide, you can save lots of money thanks to the abundant raw skins available throughout the world.
  • Goat suede. It is mostly used for footwear and small leather accessories. It is a very fashionable and popular type of material, which is ultra-thin and extremely soft. At the same time, men’s leather biker jackets made of goatskin are very tear-resistant and durable. This luxurious material is widely used by high-end producers to create high-quality clothes. Such an outfit will be the most expensive of all the existing variations.
  • Sheep leather. This material is obtained from sheep or lambs. Men’s leather biker jackets are extremely warm and soft due to the features of production. Thus, when the skin of an animal is tanned, the fleece (fur) is kept intact. As a result, the clothes are appropriate for colder weather compared to other outfits created of different kinds of leather. It is even possible to find variations made for winter. As for other advantages of the sheep leather, we should mention its antibacterial characteristic due to its natural function to protect the skin (even the wounded one). There exist men’s leather biker jackets of various colors because, during the production, the clothes are covered with the special protective layer, which additionally functions as a protective finish. Besides, such a layer is mostly natural as dyes are made of vegetables or other safe ingredients, which never change the characteristics of the original material.

Speaking about men’s leather biker jackets made of sheep leather, we need to say about different types of finish as well:

  • Classic (a typical one, used for soft types of leather; it provides a very subtle natural shine)
  • Brushed (a stylish matt finish, which offers no shine at all)
  • Rub off (during the dye stage, the initial hint is slightly rubbed off to make a special effect)
  • Crushed (a subtle crushed finish with creases, which can be achieved with a great variety of techniques)
  • Burnished (the color depth is intensified by hand to create darkened areas for the aged and patina effects without the effects of wear and tear)
  • Glazed (a very shiny finish, which makes a men’s leather biker jacket slightly stiffened)
  • Semi-Glazed (it possesses a lighter glazed effect)
  • Twisted (the material of men’s leather biker jacket is washed and rung in a twist to add nice long vertical creases)
  • Distressed (it creates a very fashionable look)
  • Washed (this antiqued finish adds a little bit of shade and offers more variations within one tone).

Fashionable designs of men’s leather biker jackets

Any guy can easily find a men’s leather biker jacket in accordance with his preferences thanks to a large variety of hints. The most widespread and popular are the following ones:

  • Black & Black-Gold
  • Rub-off Black
  • Blue
  • Brown & Brown-Red
  • Burgundy
  • Camel
  • Gray
  • Navy & Navy blue
  • Nevada Timber
  • Oak
  • Tan
  • Timber
  • White
  • Wine
  • Zulu Blue & Zulu Brown.

As for the design, there are classical, retro, and more contemporary variations of men’s leather biker jackets. The garments can be slim-fitting or loose-fitting, so you can select the one according to your taste and build. As for the zipper, there are variations, which are cross-zip (they look more brutal and daring) and straight-zip (they can be appropriate for more formal occasions or for the conservative men). It’s possible to select a perfect fit for your figure (regular, slim, or tailored, which is in between the first two ones).

Pay attention to the collar as well. In certain models, it can be absent. However, if you are looking for a men’s leather biker jacket for the cold season, it’s better to find one with a collar to protect you from the cool wind.

Selecting the design, always take your own style and types of clothes you have into consideration. There are men’s leather biker jackets, which look wonderful with torn jeans, formal white shirts, trousers, T-shirts, and even track pants. Accessories are also crucial for your general image. There are reserved variations of men’s leather biker jackets and more casual and fashionable models for the representatives of the younger generation.

Man wearing black mens leather jacket and watch posing outdoors HappyGentleman

Style men’s leather jacket and a watch and black jeans.

How to define a real men’s leather biker jacket?

Our tips will help you find a high-quality men’s leather biker jacket:

  1. Read the label
  2. Check the surface (tiny imperfections are a good sign)
  3. Press into the leather (there must be wrinkles and the color should slightly change)
  4. Smell a men’s leather biker jacket
  5. Make sure the edges of it are rough
  6. Check moisture absorption
  7. Pay attention to the price (real men’s leather biker jacket will never be too cheap).

Men’s leather biker jackets and everything you need to know about them.
What is a men’s leather biker jacket?
Advantages of men’s leather biker jackets
Types of men’s leather biker jackets
Fashionable designs of men’s leather biker jackets
How to define a real men’s leather biker jacket?