• Aviatrix 32
  • Happy Gentleman 38
  • I-y Leather 51
  • Infinity 26
  • Infinity Leather 26
  • Tru Leather 1
  • TruClothing 3
  • N/A 56
  • Regular Fit 13
  • Slim Fit 29
  • Tailored Fit 16
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim & regular fit) 20
  • 3/4 Long 1
  • 2XL 15
  • Small 15
  • X-Small 15
  • Large 15
  • Medium 15
  • X-Large 15
  • XS 145
  • S 183
  • M 183
  • L 183
  • XL 177
  • XXL 183
  • XXXL 138
  • 3XL 179
  • 4XL 193
  • 5XL 191
  • 6XL 121
  • Begie 1
  • Black 76
  • Black - Gold 1
  • Black - White 1
  • black brown 2
  • Blue 6
  • Brown 36
  • brown biker 1
  • Brown Cream 1
  • Brown Ginger 2
  • brown racer 1
  • Burgundy 5
  • Camel 3
  • Coniac 1
  • Dark Grey 1
  • Green 1
  • Grey 3
  • Navy 5
  • navy blue 1
  • Nevada Timber 9
  • Olive Green 3
  • Red 2
  • Rub-off Black 1
  • Tan 21
  • Timber 5
  • White 2
  • Wine 3
  • Yellow 2
  • Zulu Blue 1
  • Zulu Brown 1

What are men’s leather jackets are made for?

Men’s leather jackets are an important part of a wardrobe of any modern guy who wants to be in trend. There are various kinds of jackets created of different materials and suitable for various seasons and styles. Fashionable variations of such clothes allow everyone to find a perfect jacket to feel comfortable and stand out.

Slim fit tan bworn maroon classic cross zip men's leather jacket - Happy Gentleman

Slim Fit Tan Brown Maroon Classic Cross Zip Men’s Leather Jacket

Men’s leather jackets are a wide range of items created in different styles. Today every man should have a few of them in the wardrobe. Jackets are not just fashionable clothes. They perform plenty of useful functions protecting the owner from cold, wind, rain, and other weather conditions. At the same time, the jacket is a stylish supplement to the general look, which makes it complete.
With the right jacket, a man can make a statement and express his own personality. As for leather jackets, they form a separate category of clothes, which symbolizes the status of an owner and his exquisite taste. Besides, truly leather items are of high quality, which makes such jackets a good investment.

Advantages of men’s leather jackets.

Real leather jackets are usually high-quality clothes, which possess the following benefits:
• They are reliable friends in bad weather (real leather is able to protect the skin and keep you warm)
• They are universal (you can find a model for a formal meeting, office, or even for riding your bicycle – in any situation, you will feel comfortable)
• They can protect from injuries (leather is thick enough, so even in the case of an accident riding a bike, you will be much more safe and sound)
• They are always in fashion (if you buy a classical men’s leather jacket, you can be sure it will never go out of fashion & you will always look cool with this timeless outwear)
• You can use it as a fashionable accessory (men’s leather jackets are not only aimed at protection from weather conditions, they look great and might be a part of your image even in a warm sunny day)
• They are durable and comfortable (independently of your building and way of life, you can find a perfect item for you. High-quality leather jackets can serve you for years and stay as good-looking as on the day of purchase)
• They are easy to take care of (if you one of those guys who live in a quick pace of life, men’s leather jacket are your must-have because they require minimum time and effort to maintain – a damp cloth is the only thing you need).
Men’s leather jackets might seem costly for certain men but they cover the price due to their long life and quality.

Men in black classic cross zip men's leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans. Happy Gentleman

Black Classic Cross Zip Men’s Leather Jacket

Types of men’s leather jackets.

Concerning the variations of modern jackets, we should first mention ones depending on the style and design:
• Bomber (these jackets create an adventurous feeling. They are mostly created of the rugged sheepskin and aimed at protection from cold wind and other conditions. The variation is characterized by the waist-length with ribbed hem and cuffs)
• Moto jacket (stylish and sexy. Such jackets are perfect for all motor lovers and those who have a spirit of a rebellion. The variation is inspired by the classics. The jackets are made of soft and light leather, which is not aimed at protection. They are additionally featured by the zip front and pockets)
• Field jacket (they are also called barn coats. Made of the rugged leather, they create a style of the past. They are characterized by hip length and zip or buttons on the front side. Being loose-fitting, such men’s leather jackets are perfect for stout men)
• Blazer (it is an icon of classics. Such variations have structured shoulders, buttons, and notch lapel. The jackets are created of rugged leather, which makes them thick and durable. In addition, they are characterized by a nice drape)
• Vest (the history of such men’s leather jackets without sleeves started with cowboys, it was the symbol of rebellion. The items are very practical and appropriate for the travel lovers)
• Shirt jacket (it is a lightweight model, which is a perfect sample of a casual style. It is usually made of smooth supple leather, which gives it expressive durability).

The jackets are crafted of various types of leather depending on their types and functions. Each of them possesses its own unique qualities and benefits. Look at the most common kinds of leather used by the designers:
• Cowhide. It is the most common type of leather obtained from an adult cow. It is tough enough while its durability is impressive. The men’s leather jackets made of cowhide are usually expensive compared to other alternatives, so it is rarely used for the creation of such items.
• Deerskin. It usually has a yellow or orange color. Being soft, thin, and supple, it is preferable for warm-weather jackets. At the same time, the material is durable enough. However, it can’t resist to various damages.
• Goatskin. It is even lighter than the previous type of leather. Due to the accessibility, it is widely used for the men’s jackets. The leather is featured by pebbled appearance and quite durable despite its thinness.
• Lambskin. It is considered the most luxurious type of leather. It is characterized by the extreme softness and pleasantness to the skin. The material can serve for dozens of years staying the same perfect as on the first day. The producers use the skin of the small lambs, so they need more of them, which influences the price of the ready-made items.
• Calfskin. If you are looking for a compromise of price and quality, this is the best choice. It is both soft and durable while the price is not that high as in the case of the lambskin.

Men's leather jacket tan brown -Happy Gentleman

Men’s Leather Jacket Tan Brown

How to avoid buying an artificial men’s leather jacket?

If you decide to get one of those legendary men’s leather jackets, be very attentive and buy only clothes of high quality. The following tips will help you avoid fake items:
1. It is necessary to touch the jacket to make sure the leather does not feel ‘plastic’.
2. Check the surface (the presence of pores is okay because it is the skin of a real animal).
3. Look for the creases and wrinkles. Press on the leather – it should react like real skin.
4. Use your nose (real leather has its natural smell; any artificial or plastic smells are a negative sign).
5. Examine the edges (true leather has rough edges. Don’t be cheated: only artificial leather’s edges are smooth and even).
6. Bend the material to make sure it changes the color slightly (it is normal for the real leather).
7. Pay attention to the price (everyone wants to save money but real men’s leather jackets of the best quality can never be too cheap).
8. Be careful with the colors as only natural colors such as black, brown, gray, and alike signify the real leather. Any bright and unnatural hues might turn to be artificial.
To find a nice supplement to your wardrobe and make a really good investment, it is recommended to buy men’s leather jackets from reliable online shops and reliable manufacturers. It will be the guarantee that you get all the characteristics and quality you need and don’t waste your money in vain.

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