• Ecca 3
  • Marc Darcy 3
  • Paul Andrew 1
  • TruClothing 3
  • Slim Fit 3
  • Tailored Fit 3
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim & regular fit) 1
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim and regular fit) 3
  • Regular 10
  • Short 1
  • 36UK Jacket/Waistcoat 3
  • 38UK Jacket/Waistcoat 3
  • 40UK Jacket/Waistcoat 3
  • 42UK Jacket/Waistcoat 3
  • 44UK Jacket/Waistcoat 3
  • 46UK Jacket/Waistcoat 3
  • 48UK Jacket/Waistcoat 3
  • 50UK Jacket/Waistcoat 3
  • 52UK Jacket/Waistcoat 3
  • 34UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 28W Trousers 7
  • 36UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 30W Trousers 8
  • 38UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 32W Trousers 8
  • 40UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 34W Trousers 8
  • 42UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 36W Trousers 8
  • 44UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 38W Trousers 8
  • 46UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 40W Trousers 8
  • 48UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 42W Trousers 8
  • 50UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 44W Trousers 8
  • 52UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 46W Trousers 8
  • Beige 2
  • Black 4
  • Blue 2
  • Maroon 1
  • Silver 1

How did men’s tuxedo suits appear?

To find nice formal wear is an important task of every man, who is preparing for any ceremony or event. Men’s tuxedo suits are a perfect solution to create an outstanding image and look solid and presentable. Tuxedo suits are appropriate in various situations, while the choice of its variation and peculiarities depend on the situation and your role during the occasion.

Man dressed in men's tuxedo suit. white shirt, black bowtie and watch

Black Men’s Tuxedo Suit

The history of such an item started with smoking jackets. They were worn by gentlemen especially for smoking in a special room in order to protect their luxurious suits from the specific smell. Thus, they could preserve their stylish look and impression during a dinner party or other event.

Later, a Prince of Wales changed the concept of such attire ordering a jacket for his elegant evening look. As a result, the first men’s tuxedo suits’ ancestors appeared. They were known as dinner suits and were used for informal meetings.

Thanks to James Brown Potter, who was the one to introduce such an item to the people of Tuxedo Park nearby New York, today we have a legendary men’s tuxedo suit called after the location, which is now popular among the guys of various ages throughout the world.

When do you need a men’s tuxedo suit?

Men’s tuxedo suits are a perfect choice for various types of events. Having such an item in your wardrobe, you can be sure that you will be always ready to attend a wedding, baptism, formal party, or any other kind of occasion and ceremony. Such attire helps stay clean, elegant, solid, and attractive.

Men’s tuxedo suits are appropriate for any high affairs and social events. Modern fashion made the items more diverse, so today you can easily found a tuxedo suit for informal meetings or even for the plain daytime occasions.

Let’s look at the most popular events, where a men’s tuxedo suit is considered suitable attire:

  • Theatre attendance. Being a very prestigious form of art, theatre required to dress up. A formal look will be just perfect in this case, so men’s tuxedo suit is the best solution. Whether it is opera or ballet, you can always see the most expensive seats occupied by the men in luxurious tuxedo suits.
  • Private parties. The majority of modern celebrations and other events are featured by the men in tuxedos. However, you can always replace it with other formal suits, for instance, a legendary three-piece suit.
  • Society debut. Men’s tuxedo suit is a kind of a sign of maturity. Thus, it might become the best choice to show up in society for the first time. Whether it is a ball or any other party with a restricted band of society, men’s tuxedo suit is always perfect.
  • Wedding ceremony. Being one of the most important occasions, which require a special look, it makes men’s tuxedo suit a universal choice. It’s perfect for the late afternoon celebration especially if there is a reception followed. In some cases, it is even acceptable to wear such attire in the daytime. Tuxedos are appropriate for you in various situations. You can choose the one if you are a guest or even a groom.
  • Prom attendance. This event is one of the important occasions in the life of every man. You take pics to then remember those wonderful times. Thus, your general image is extremely important. Preparing for this event, keep in mind that you will need certain details to make you stand out and create a perfect look.
3 Piece Royal Blue Men's Tuxedo Suit

3 Piece Royal Blue Men’s Tuxedo Suit

Who can put on a men’s tuxedo suit?

Traditionally, this type of clothing was acceptable only for adults. It was not created for young boys or toddlers. Originally, guys younger than 15 couldn’t wear Men’s tuxedo suits at all. The items with tails were allowed only for men older than 18. Such recommendations work even today because, at this age, boys start to replace their clothing with a mature one.

The guidelines can be not so strict in the modern world. However, if a guy is too young to tie a bow tie, he has no right to put on a men’s tuxedo suit.

How should you wear a men’s tuxedo suit?

Selecting a men’s tuxedo suit, you should follow the definite guidelines to create an appropriate look. It depends on various factors, such as:

  • Your age
  • Type of occasion
  • Your role
  • Season of the year
  • Personal preferences.

It is vital that the colors of an item match the ones of your shirt and other elements. Always remember about the accessories, which are demanded by the different events as well.

Being a kind of formal wear, men’s tuxedo suits require white or other fair shirts and trousers.

Selecting a perfect men’s tuxedo suit

There are several recommendations, which will help you create a perfect look with a legendary men’s tuxedo suit:

  1. Choose the right color. The preferable hints of tuxedos are ivory, blue, and black. A timeless classic is a black item, which will allow creating a solid look in any situation. Such a choice is unmistakable. Blue variations are more modern and might be wonderful for the younger men, who want to be stylish and trendy. An ivory hint is a good solution for warm seasons. Today we can often see white tuxedos, which are becoming more and more popular in Hollywood. Those variations are appropriate only for the events organized in the open air.
  2. Select the right shirt. For any men’s tuxedo suit, a shirt with a wingtip collar is the best solution. Accompanied by a black bow, it creates an impressive look of a solid and fashionable man. Note that such a black-tie look requires only a white short to be fully classic. Those shirts are usually featured by the double cuffs and offer a place for the cufflinks.
  3. Be attentive to the bow-tie choice. The perfect one will be made of black silk. It will look luxurious and underline your status. Sometimes it is acceptable to wear men’s tuxedo suits without a tie at all.
  4. Choose trousers. Creating a black-tie look, it’s better to forget about the belt, as it will destroy the general impression. The best choice is trousers with braces. The latest might be white or black. Another alternative is to choose braces to match the hint of your men’s tuxedo suit. Note that it’s better to avoid trousers with lapels or pleats because they can’t create a truly formal look.
  5. Find suitable shoes. The choice is very diverse here. However, it is important to remember that a tuxedo suit requires minimum details. You can select shiny or matte shoes, embroidered slippers, or other casual variants. Socks also matter for you. Always choose the black ones with a significant length.

Buying a tuxedo suit, it’s important to think of the details. One of the successful solutions is the elements made of satin or twill. It might be lapels or even trousers’ sidebands. Don’t forget about the accessories. Thus, a pocket square created of cotton or linen will look very nice and match the whole look. You are free to experiment with tiny details, so you are free to choose a pocket square in burgundy or even red hint. You can try other colors to make your image even more unique and eye-catching.

Navy Dinner Men's Tuxedo Suit, white shirt and bowtie

Navy Dinner Men’s Tuxedo Suit

Express your creativity staying formal and still fashionable with the modern variations of men’s tuxedo suits. With them, you will be ready to attend various types of events and play any possible roles during the celebrations showing your status and perfect taste.

How did men’s tuxedo suits appear?
When do you need a men’s tuxedo suit?
Who can put on a men’s tuxedo suit?
How should you wear a men’s tuxedo suit?
Selecting a perfect men’s tuxedo suit

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