Even during cold seasons and bad weather, men want to feel comfortable and look stylish. Thanks to the diversity of men’s boots, every guy can build a perfect style. Never mind, which type of occasion you are going to attend: buy a pair of suitable boots and complete the look.

Types of boots for men

Thinking about suitable footwear, it’s crucial to take both the style selected and the type of event into account. There’re boots, which look more formal and compliment a formal suit. However, there’s also more casual footwear, for instance, loafers, which can work as a part of everyday style. Consider the most popular variations of modern boots:

  • Chelsea. This is a popular variety characterized by the absence of laces and a wider ankle. It allows feeling relaxed and created a more casual formal style.
  • Oxford boots. They are just like the corresponding shoes but with a higher ankle. There’re always laces and a hardtop presupposed in this model. Such boots are perfect for occasions, which require a formal style. They might be supplemented with perforation and the usage of different materials (leather, nubuck, tweed).
  • Winter boots. The main feature of such footwear is that it’s created for winter and can resist snow and cold. Made of natural leather, the boots are also made warmer with the help of fur/fleece.
  • Cowboy boots. For those searching for something special to stand out, it’s recommended to have a look at cowboy and riding boots. They are nicely decorated with metal buckles and chains, thus, creating an exceptional style.
  • Military and new rock boots. To create a brutal look, such footwear is the best choice. It’s possible to choose from various Peaky Blinders shoes and combat boots.

Where to buy the best men’s boots?

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