One of the important elements of any look is footwear. The right choice of the latest can complete the style and make every man look gorgeous and trendy. One of the latest directions in fashion is Gatsby shoes. It was inspired by the Great Gatsby movie and returned popularity to such timeless footwear.

What are Gatsby shoes?

This sort of footwear refers to the 1920 shoes when the tradition for modern items was started. When we think about today’s classic shoes of any type, keep in mind that guys began wearing them during that time.

All shoes of a kind are characterized by several features:

  • Exceptional quality thanks to the use of the highest-quality durable leather
  • Professional crafting, which allows reaching incomparable comfort
  • Casual and stylish look, which will look appropriate during both formal and casual events.

Before purchasing a pair of wonderful shoes, it’s strongly recommended to read Gatsby shoes reviews. Such footwear is featured by diversity, so the following types are distinguished:

  • Oxfords. It’s the most classic variation, which replaced lace-up boots. Oxfords are characterized by a cap toe, which is used to protect men’s toes. The hardtop might be smooth or decorated with perforations called broguing. Decorations might be used for other parts of footwear as well and even cover the whole shoe. In most cases, such footwear is created in brown shades. Summer variations can be created of nubuck and offer lighter colors.
  • Derbies. This variation is very close to the previous one. However, it’s characterized by open lacing instead of closed lacing. Such footwear is felt wide and gives more freedom. It’s acceptable to wear derbies during various formal events because they work almost the same as oxfords. However, they look a bit more casual in general. The same as oxfords, derbies can be brogued.
  • Monk straps. To describe shortly, these are shoes without laces. They use buckles instead. In what concerns formality, it is something in-between loafers and oxfords. Broguing is also an option for such footwear.
  • Chelseas. This is one of the variations of dress boots. The main difference is that their length reaches a man’s ankle. They are made of fine leather and don’t presuppose any laces. The toes are rounded, while the footwear in general offers a sort of freedom. Such boots go perfectly with more casual formal suits.

Where to buy men’s Gatsby shoes?

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