Very often, popular culture creates certain trends and makes people follow them. The Peaky Blinders series started a new wave by reviving the style, which was popular during the times of gangs and gangsters. Peaky Blinders suits became something extremely stylish repeating the apparel of the main heroes, especially Tommy Shelby.

What is a Peaky Blinders suit?

Suits demonstrated in the popular series are mostly 3-piece outfits in dark shades. The preferable colors are gray, dark blue, black, and brown. The key feature is that all of them create a sort of vintage look. The majority of such items are made of various blends of wool and polyester, so they are a nice choice for both winter and summer.

Depending on the color and style, men can find an ideal Peaky Blinders 3 piece suit for a significant formal event and for everyday use. The key thing to keep in mind when choosing apparel is that it should perfectly fit.

Peaky Blinders suit style presupposes the presence of the following elements:

  • Pants
  • Waistcoat
  • Jacket.

For the creation of a genuine Tommy Shelby look, it’s also a good idea to add certain accessories, which perfectly match the suit. It might be a pocket square, chain, or pocket watch. As a result, the style will be authentic.

How to choose men’s Peaky Blinders suits?

The right choice of outfit is crucial for the creation of an attractive look. First of all, think of an occasion to choose the right variety of suits. For instance, they might be double- or single-breasted. Besides, the choice of colors also matters. They should compliment your complexion. Along with shades, patterns also matter. Thus, it’s possible to buy nice tweed suits with checks, herringbone, or stripes.

The next things to consider are the fit and size. Choose the best fit depending on your build and always check the dimensional grid to find the correct size.

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