When thinking about the creation of a unique style of the legendary Peaky Blinders, it’s important to know the main features of such a look. Every fan of Tommy Shelby and his gangsters knows that their style is based on a three-piece suit, which can’t go without a waistcoat. It is this element that became a sort of hallmark of Peaky Blinders.

What is a Peaky Blinders vest?

A waistcoat is an integral part of a 3-piece suit. At the same time, a vest looks great even without a jacket and helps create a more masculine look. Structurally, a vest is a sleeveless garment, which allows feeling warmer in winter and more comfortable in summer (when used without a jacket).

In the series, waistcoats are often supplemented with various accessories, thanks to which the style becomes more elegant. They include ties, pins, chains, and pocket watches. As for colors, the principles of their choice are the same as for suits in general. Gangsters preferred darker shades, so it’s recommended to choose hints of gray, black, and brown for your Peaky Blinders waistcoat. Besides, feel free to consider interesting patterns, including checks or herringbone. They were quite popular among Tommy Shelby’s crew.

The benefits of Peaky Blinders waistcoats

Modern men adore vintage waistcoats inspired by Peaky Blinders. They choose them for the creation of both formal looks and everyday styles. Such popularity is connected with the following advantages of these items:

  • Versatility
  • Incomparable elegance
  • High-quality materials
  • Practicality
  • A wide range of shades and prints.

Choosing a vest for a nice and stylish look

The key thing when it concerns the choice of a waistcoat is the size. Only if an item perfectly fits, the look will be just ideal and help make the style refined. To buy a high-quality vest at an affordable price, just look at the catalog of the Happygentleman USA store. Here, you will find the most authentic items made of the best fabrics. Take accurate measurements, observe the dimensional grid, and make the right choice to build an incomparable Peaky Blinders style.