• Cavani 5
  • Harry Brown 4
  • Paul Andrew 2
  • TruClothing 4
  • Slim Fit 4
  • Tailored Fit 5
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim & regular fit) 2
  • Tailored Fit (inbetween slim and regular fit) 3
  • Regular 13
  • 34UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 28W Trousers 13
  • 36UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 30W Trousers 15
  • 38UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 32W Trousers 15
  • 40UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 34W Trousers 15
  • 42UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 36W Trousers 15
  • 44UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 38W Trousers 15
  • 46UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 40W Trousers 15
  • 48UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 42W Trousers 15
  • 50UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 44W Trousers 15
  • 52UK Jacket/Waistcoat + 46W Trousers 15
  • Beige 1
  • Black 1
  • Blue 1
  • Burgundy 1
  • Grey 3
  • Navy 6
  • Olive 1
  • Purple 1

Style of 3 Piece Suits for Men

In order to look handsome, any respected man should know the essence of 3 piece suits’ selection. There are various types of them, each of which is appropriate for the definite build, taste, and even occasion. Besides, the development of fashion never stops, so it is vital to understand how to look trendy and solid with a 3 piece suit for men.

3 piece suit for men. Stylish blue Marc Darcy tweed suit with tan waistcoat.

3 piece suit for men. Stylish blue Marc Darcy suit with tan waistcoat.

Imagining a gentleman in the most common sense, we always think about a solid man in an expensive 3 piece suit for men, which has always been classic. Throughout history, those suits have been modified multiple times. However, a 3 piece suit for men still exists and looks almost the same as many years ago.

When do you need a 3 piece suit for men?

There exists a kind of misconception that 3 piece suit for men looks too much in everyday life. The truth is it is the best clothes you’ve ever taken in your hands. The critical thing is to select the right styling and colors and you’ll be able to create a perfect look for almost any occasion.

Any type of such kind of 3 piece suit for men consists of three main pieces:

  • suit
  • trousers
  • waistcoat.

Depending on the event, you can always select a waistcoat, which matches or defers from the general coloring in order not to look ridiculous in a 3 piece suit for men. Every gentleman knows what a critical role his clothes play. It’s like in a quote:

–    I saw a thief in a kitchen, sir.

–    Okay, Mark, bring me a gun and a hunting suit, better a plaid one.

Choose an appropriate 3 piece suit for men among the modern variations presented and you will never resemble a Victorian landowner.

The first thing to keep in mind is that such 3 piece suit for men is not literally for every day. Consider several kinds of events, which demand to look stylish and solid:

  • Wedding day. Whether you are a groom, best man, or just a guest, your look is to be just perfect. Thus, you express not just your status but also your respect for the heroes of the occasion.
  • Races attendance. It’s a good reason for dressing up with a 3 piece suit for men. In a fashionable and high-quality 3 piece suit for men, you will look gorgeous. And it’s really acceptable for such an event.
  • Do you want to look noble underlying your status? The classic 3 piece suit for men is the best choice to show your position and welfare.
  • Neutral or formal occasions (including formal meetings). When you aren’t sure how to dress, it is acceptable to select a neutral 3 piece suit for men and forget about such worries.
Stylish bearded man with a blue pinstripe 3 piece suit for men

3 piece suit for men. Stylish bearded man in a blue pinstripe suit.

Time of the year is also important when choosing fabrics and colors.

There exist several variations of 3 piece suit for men, which are the most popular among modern men.

Tweed variations are exquisitely crafted out of high-quality fabric. The designers choose a luxury blend of wool, which not just looks magnificent but is also very soft on the skin. Wearing a 3 piece suit for men, every man will feel comfortable and self-confident. There are navy, blue, brown, check, grey, herringbone, wine, and other hints and prints available to men today.

Wedding 3 piece suits for men are a separate category, which also includes an impressive diversity of color variations. The choice greatly depends on your role during the ceremony. As a guest, you can select a restrained model. Being a groom, you should remember that you are one of the ‘protagonists’ of an event (after a bride, of course). Your 3 piece suit for men should be attractive and match the dress of your beloved. For the wedding, people usually prefer white or navy hints. Such suits should be thinner, so the designers usually choose a polyester blend or viscose for them.

Tuxedo 3 piece suit for men. This one-button outfit looks very modern. Jackets may have tails, which makes the clothes appropriate for the most luxurious occasions. More trendy variations with a little bit skinny trousers are nice for dinner in a good restaurant. The suits are mostly self-colored, sometimes plaid. As for the fabrics, the producers usually choose the same ones as for the wedding variations. If you are a young self-confident man, it’s just what you need.

How to select a perfect 3 piece suit for men?

There are several criteria, which should be considered when buying such an expensive piece of clothes:

  1. Type of occasion. You already know the basics of 3 piece suit for men selection and key variations of suits available for you. Always keep this information in mind.
  2. Personal preferences. Think of the materials for 3 piece suit for men, types of outfit you like best, preferable colors, and other issues.
  3. Size. It is extremely important because everyone knows: perfect fit is what matters the most. For the right choice, consider the size chart and compare it with your own measurements of the following dimensions:
  • height (it’s necessary to stay with no shoes against the frame of the doorway, take measurements from head to toe)
  • chest circumference (over the biggest part of it)
  •  hip (measure horizontally selecting the biggest part of your hips)
  • waistband (it’s required to measure around the waistband horizontally).

There are long, short, and regular variations as well. It’s always necessary to consider your figure when choosing the type and length of your 3 piece suit for men.

Beautiful elegant girl demonstrates how to select a perfect 3 piece suit for men

How to select a perfect 3 piece suit for men

Let’s look at a few recommendations. For instance, for tall and thin people, the perfect variation of a 3 piece suit for men has a jacket with a small lapel and 3 or more buttons. The trousers should not have a serve, so the man’s legs look not that long. As for tall and strong gentlemen, 2-button-jackets are a perfect variant to make the man look more slender. However, avoid putting on wide trousers. It’s recommended to prefer the ones with wrinkles on the waistband.

For short and slender guys, the ideal variations of the 3 piece suit for men have short jackets. Such suits are figure-hugging. 3-button jacket might be a nice alternative with 3 piece suit for men, pants are better to be long enough. For short and stout people, select a well-fitting 2-button jacket for 3 piece suit for men in order to help the figure look visually longer and more slender. Wear trousers, which have a pleat at the bottom. Thus, the legs will look longer. When choosing such a luxury outfit as 3 piece suit for men, it is essential to choose the corresponding accessories and shoes for 3 piece suit for men to complete your look and make it appropriate for a definite situation.

Style of 3 Piece Suits for Men
When do you need a 3 piece suit for men?
Popular types of 3 piece suit for men
How to select a perfect 3 piece suit for men?