A wedding is one of those important events when it’s crucial to look perfect and stylish. Whether you are a groom, best man, or just a guest, a high-quality 3-piece suit will become a wonderful choice for an elegant image.

Is a 3 piece suit appropriate for a wedding?

Being a formal event, a wedding ceremony requires complying with a dress code. 3-piece suits absolutely meet this requirement. The first man to stand out during the wedding is the groom. And a 3 piece suit for groom will help him reach the goal. Compared to other variations of outfits, such apparel is characterized by something unique. It might be a choice of colors (for example, there’re many white suits, which make a guy prominent), materials (groom’s suits might be made of, for instance, velvet), or prints (the jacket might be patterned with flowers). Modern mens wedding suits are diverse, which is why every guy can express his individuality and excellent taste.

If you are just a guest, it’s also important to think about an appropriate 3 piece wedding suit. Surely, it shouldn’t be that prominent because you’re unlikely aimed at outshining the groom. And still, the attire is to be elegant and stylish. Think about various hints of blue – royal, navy, and others. Such a suit will perfectly match various formal events including weddings. It’s also acceptable to opt for light gray, black, or even wide shades. However, it’s better to avoid patterns (especially checks) for a wedding.

Wedding attire should look neutral and featureless. Consider the following aspects when making a choice:

  • Shades should be more sophisticated & deeper
  • A buttonhole should be presented on a lapel (to use it for a chain/flower)
  • It’s acceptable to use contrasting colors (for example, a blue suit can be supplemented with a red tie)
  • Add accessories (a pocket square is a must)
  • Choose a fit to complement your body.

How to choose mens wedding suits?

To buy a nice 3 piece suit wedding, it’s necessary to keep in mind the formality of the event. Then consider several colors that compliment your complexion. It is also vital to know, where to buy mens wedding suits. At the Happygentleman USA store, all men will find high-quality wedding suits to shine during the ceremony. Make certain to take accurate measurements and observe the dimensional grid to select a suitable size. Buy a regular, slim, or tailored fit suit to create a perfect look for a wedding ceremony.